Libraries used by Eldwood


SDL, or Simple DirectMedia Layer, is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device. SDL is released under the LGPL (Library General Public License) version 2.


SDL_mixer is multi-channel audio mixer library that runs on top of SDL, also released under the LGPL version 2. Feyna's Quest uses a slightly modified version of SDL_mixer.


Pygame is a Python extension library that offers access to SDL to Python scripts. It is also released under the LGPL.


Boost is a set of general purpose C++ libraries. The individual libraries are individually licensed, but all can be freely used and redistributed. Feyna's Quest makes extensive use of Boost.


The LZMA SDK is a powerful data compression library that achieves very good compression ratios. It is dual licensed under the LGPL and the CPL (Common Public License), with an exception for linking the original code into an executable.

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