Wrath of Darkness

Your apprenticeship finally is over. You are now officially a sorceress. As you walk along the underground passages that lead to your home village, you reflect with pride upon your accomplishment.

Suddenly you stop. Something is wrong, your sixth sense tells you. You hold still, listening for any sign of danger. You hear nothing. Then it strikes you: that is exactly what's wrong. This close to the village, the air should be filled with the sounds of life. Instead, there is only a horrible silence. Quickly you run for the entrance to the village.

You step through the final tunnel. Before you lie the empty streets of your home village. Has it been abandoned? Why? Or did something worse happen? Surely there must be some clue somewhere. You stifle the impulse to run away and set out to explore the village.

Wrath of Darkness is an action role-playing game played in first point perspective. It is the story of one dark elven sorceress' quest for revenge.

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 95+ or NT 4.0+
CPU: Pentium 90 or better
other: DirectX

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