Zynx is a fun arcade-style game. Your objective is to pop all of the dots in a maze while avoiding the monsters. If you can catch the elusive power-up star, the roles are reversed and the monsters must avoid you or be destroyed.

Zynx is shareware. You can download the game for free and immediately start playing. However, only 10 levels are playable. To play the rest of the game, you must register. Registered users receive a registration code that unlocks all 50 levels of Zynx.

Screen shots

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[screenshot] [screenshot] [screenshot] [screenshot]

System requirements:

Windows version Linux version
Operating system: Windows 95+ or NT 4.0+ Linux (any version AFAIK)
CPU: Pentium class processor Pentium class processor
other: DirectX

Zynx uses libraries published under the LGPL. Click here for more information.

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