For five years you were apprenticed to the sorceress Calesstra when your apprenticeship was cut short. Never will you forget that fateful night, for it changed your life.

You were studying a particularily difficult spell when you felt a sudden surge of magical energy. You turned around and a flash of white light blinded you. When your eyes had recovered, Calesstra was gone.

You set out to find her, never guessing that your search would take you far beyond your world, through forests and mountains, through deserts of burning sand and deserts of eternal ice, through cities and swamps. Your quest would ultimately determine the fate of two world, for you are the Chosen, you are the Fated, you are the Lightslayer.

Lightslayer is an action role-playing game played in first person perspective. As a dark elven sorceress, you travel through a vast world, fighting monsters and completing quests in the search for your missing mentor.

Lightslayer was my first commercial game, originally released in the year 2000, almost 20 years ago. This is version 3, which I have upgraded for newer computers. Changes include:

  • OpenGL-accelerated rendering.
  • Run at the native full screen resolution, or in a resizeable window.
  • Full mouse support, in the menus and the actual game.
  • A few minor user interface and game balance improvements.
  • The original Wrath of Darkness game included as a bonus.

However, the actual content of the game is untouched, in all of its primitive programmer-art glory. Overall, I think this game has held up incredibly well to the test of time, which is another way of saying that the ugly and clunky aspects of the game were already ugly and clunky when the game was first released.

An underground mushroom forest Rest at the inn after a day of adventuring The lair of the giant beetles The ruined city of Nunraema, guarded by the spirits of the dead What strange world lies beyond this portal? The library hides many secrets Fire elementals in their natural habitat The dwarven city of Karrakor