The Beginning

You start out in Calesstra's home. Your goal is to find Calesstra. Your first task is to find the city of Inorilyrr. This is fairly easy. Leave Calesstra's home and search for the exit to the starting area. You should end up in a green cave complex. Head north (use the compass on the status bar) to enter Inorilyrr.


In Inorilyrr, you should talk to everybody, especially the people in the magic guild at the north end of town. If you are injured or low on mana, and you have at least three gold coins, you can rest in the inn. There are merchants in the city who will sell you healing potions, mana potions, precious stones, and rings of protection. From an orc in a tavern, you learn about an orc village to the west. The orc village is a nice place to earn some cash, but it isn't important to the main path through the game. The master of the magic guild tells you that you can join the guild if you bring him ten magic mushrooms. Again, this isn't strictly necessary for winning the game. It does give you access to some nice spells, though. Most importantly, the seer in the magic guild tells you that the Cult of Light has taken Calesstra to their temple. The white-robed missionary will tell you where the temple is.

The Cult of Light

Leave the town through the east exit and head north-east. This will take you to the first Temple of Light. There is a magical statue blocking your path. Head back to Inorilyrr and talk to the artificer in the magic guild about the statue. He will tell you about the magic mirror, which he has given to Silaz in the beastman village.

Head east from Inorilyrr until you come to the beastman village. In the beastman village there is a merchant who can sell you mana rings. Rings of mana are useful because they allow you to hold more mana, increasing the number of spells you can cast before you need to rest or drink a mana potion. There is also a dragon here who will buy mana rings and rings of protection. You can only use one mana ring and one ring of protection at a time, so always sell your extras. Silaz will tell you that he will give you the mirror if you bring him an ice crystal.

Head back to Inorilyrr and talk to the elementalist. She will give you an ice crystal, which you can then take to Silaz, who will then give you the mirror if you ask for it again. With the mirror, head for the Temple of Light. Talk to the statue, and it will let you pass. Enter the temple and fight the cultists.

The Light Portal

Once you've defeated the cultists, you notice that Calesstra is not in the temple. Search the temple. You will find the following: a scroll that says that the cultists have sent Calesstra through a portal to a place called "Mannheim", a portal that won't let you pass, and a broken amulet. Go back to Inorilyrr and talk to the artificer in the magic guild. He will tell you that the broken amulet is probably the key to the portal, but he can't fix it. Talk to the librarian, and she will tell you about the cursed city of Nunraema. Head south for Nunraema.

Nunraema is guarded by the spirits of the dead. Right now, the only spell you have that is effective against ghosts is death spark (spell #1). Later in the game you can use the lightning bolt and fireball spells against ghosts. Head south for the magic guild. From the entrance of the magic guild, head west, south, west through the door and around the southern wall, and east through two door. Get the key that's lying in the center of the pentagram. Head back to the entrance, then east, north through the door, out of the guild and into the ruins, east and then south through the ruins and back into the guild, south around the wall and west through the door. Take the next door east and head around the back to get the second key. Go back to the corridor and take the western door at the south end to reach the secret basement.

In the basement, take the western door, fight the ghosts, and head north. In one room you will find three magic portals; ignore them for now. Head east from the northern room through two doors. This will take you to the library. Grab the book. You can now leave Nunraema. There are some scrolls which tell of the fall of Nunraema; they are interesting but not necessary. There are also a couple of hidden treasures, including one that is hidden in the library. When you're finished, head back to Inorilyrr.

Back in Inorilyrr, bring the book to the artificer. He will then be able to fix the amulet. He needs a topaz; bring him one. He won't be able to cast the final enchantment, so head for the enchantress Nulavdra. She will first want some fertilizer from the beastmen village. This should be easy to get - just talk to the gardener at the south end of the village. Now your amulet works as a key to the portal in the Temple of Light.


When you pass through the portal, you will end up in another temple. Fight your way through it, and you will see that you are now in a very different world. The entrance to Mannheim is to the west.

Mannheim is a very religious city. In the center of the town is a church. In the north-west corner is the church quarter where the priests live. Both the church and the church quarter are locked. The people think you are a demon and refuse to talk to you.

There is one person who will talk to you: a little girl called Lena. Her mother was taken by the priests. Agree to rescue her mother, and Lena will give you the key to the church quarter. The key to the church is in the very north-west corner of the church quarter. Enter the church, kill the priests, get the dungeon key, and head for the dungeon. The entrance to the dungeon is in the south-east corner of the church.

The Grand Inquisitor is through the first door to the left. Kill him, and read the scroll he drops. It seems Calesstra is now in a place called "Celestia". Damn. Open the cell doors and free the people. If you want to be nice, give Lena's mother a healing potion. Especially important is the thief called Weasel. He will tell you about an outlaw camp and give you the password to get in.

The Outlaws

The area south of Mannheim has a huge lake in the center. There is road on the east side, but it is flooded. Walk around the lake until you come to the south side, then turn west and walk between the trees to reach the outlaw camp. Give the password to the big guard to get in. Buy the disguise. You can also sell rings and buy potions here. Talk to everybody about Celestia. You are eventually directed to the old hag in the swamp.


The easiest way to reach the swamp is to head back through Mannheim and north. This will take you to the ice fields. Watch out for the slippery floor. Head through the north tunnel, then east, north, west, east. This will take you just south of Frostburg. Enter. Just east of the entrance lives a scholar; ignore him for now. There is gemstone merchant here and a boot merchant. The boot merchant sells traction boots, which are very helpful in the ice fields. Buy them if you can. At the north end of the town is a tavern. You can learn about the ice wizard by talking to the people here. The ice wizard lives in a cave in the west end of the ice fields; defeat him and you get the powerful frostblast spell. There's an inn at the west end of town; rest there, then head back out.

The Swamp

Leave Frostburg and head south until you reach the snowy forest. Head through the forest. The exit is at the south-east corner. This will take you to the swamp. Head as far east as you can, then south, east, and north. Now alternate between east and north until you reach the house of the old hag. Talk to her about your quest and ask for her help. When she asks for your magic mirror, give it to her. She will tell you that the answers you seek are hidden in the monastery to the south, and she will tell you the secret way into the monastery. Leave the swamp through the exit at the south end.

The Monastery

South of the swamp, you will see a huge white building with a locked door: the monastery. Head through the trees to the east, then north to the graveyard. Open the eastern crypt and press the button on the coffin. Then enter the western crypt and head through the secret underground passage. You will come out in the monastery's kitchen. The big building in the center of the monastery is the chapel; fight the abbot there to get the monastery key. The library is the building in the south-west corner. One of the southern book shelves has book that stands out. Push that book in, and the secret passage to the underground library opens.

The secret underground also has several books that stand out. You need to press them in the right order to open a secret passage. There are five books like that. If you cannot find or reach one of them, you pressed them in the wrong order. Return one book to its original position and try again. When all five books are pressed, a path to a secret chamber opens. The secret chamber has two books and some coins. Read the books. It seems that you need four relics to enter Celestia.

Head back north to Frostburg and talk to the scholar. He will tell you about all four relics. You can get the relics in any order.

The Helmet

The helmet is hidden in the Darkslayer's tomb. Head for the big lake south of Mannheim. If you stand exactly west of the island, you can walk across the water. Enter the tomb on the island.

The first area of the tomb is fairly straightforward. If step on a dark tile, a lightning bolt is launched at you, so either stick to the light tiles or run. When you get to the room with six coffins, push the one in the middle of the top row; the others are either traps or don't do anything. Head through the revealed passage into the large room with the door at the north end.

When you open the door, you awaken the ghost of Saint Alarich the Darkslayer. Watch out: he is very tough. You might be able to defeat him with the lightning bolt spell or use the tomb's traps against him. You might also be able to enter the north room and trap the ghost outside. Once you're in the northern room, push the skeleton in the north end to reveal the secret treasure chamber with the helmet in it. Press the western coffin to open a shortcut to the exit of the tomb.

The Armor

First you must reach the desert. You can either take the eastern route or the western route. For the eastern route, head south from the monastery through the forest of ash. The fire elementals here are especially vulnerable to cold-based spells. To take the western route, head south from the lake area past the Forest of Light through the badlands. The desert can be reached through a tunnel in the east side of the badlands.

In the center of the desert of the desert is a mountain. Head for the south side of the mountain. The air elementals are immune to most types of damage, but their attacks can be dodged. From the south side of the mountain, head north through a narrow path to reach the knights' castle. At the north end of the castle is the path to the basement.

The castle has several underground levels. Always head down. On one level, you must push some books in book shelves to open a secret passage. On the bottom level, there is an underground chapel in the center. Get the key from behind the altar there. One of the eastern doors leads outside to an underground lake. Walk around the lake. In the south-eastern wall of the cavern there is a narrow passage that leads to a hidden shrine. If you have the key, you can enter the shrine and take the armor.

The Shield

Head south from the desert to reach Starsand. The shield is hidden in the palace. There are lots of other items of interest in Starsand: an antique seller who sells very powerful magic rings, an inn, and an alchemist who sells potions. Some of the people in the inn can help get some gold, but they are not important to the main quest. Be sure to buy a sleeping potion. You only need one.

Talk to the fortune teller. Ask her about entering the palace. Then talk to the woman in the north-east house. Agree to help her. Enter the palace. The path to the dungeon is guarded by a hungry guard. Take the key from the king's room. Talk to the head servant repeatedly and carry out the tasks she gives you until she gives you food to deliver to the king. Use the sleeping potion on the food, then give it to the guard that is guarding the way to the dungeon. He falls asleep immediately.

Head down to the dungeon. Fight the guards. Open the north-west cell and talk to the woman there. Open the south-west cell and press on the walls until a secret passage opens. Walk through the passage into the treasure chamber and take the shield.

The Sword

First enter the Forest of Light just south of the lake area. Head slightly north, then west until you reach Sunbright. Watch out for the white ghosts. The lightning bolt spell is very useful here. The westernmost of the southern buildings has a key. Enter the palace. The southern wing has one room with an amulet and one with some very nice treasure. The amulet is the key to the dark portals.

Leave Sunbright, and head east, north, and west to reach a dark portal. Step through, and you are back in Nunraema. Only one of the other portals works. Use it to enter the mushroom world.

The mushroom world is inhabited by the survivors from Nunraema. They are half human and half dark elf. If you talk to FireBird, she will tell you where you can learn the fireball spell. The fireball spell is extremely useful against groups of enemies, but if you cast it at close range you can also hurt yourself with it. Talk to RainStorm. Head south from the village to find SunSpark. Tell him to go home. Talk to WaveSinger. He will offer to give you the sword, but can't find it. Talk to DreamMist. He has the sword. Convince him to give it to you.

The Key

Before you can head for Celestia, you still need the dwarven key. The dwarves don't give their keys away. However, you can learn in Frostburg that a dwarf was recently lost while looting an old temple. The temple is in a cave east of the ice field. Enter the temple. There is some nice loot here, as well as the dead body of the lost dwarf. He has no more use for a key, so take it.


The path to Celestia starts at the south end of the ice fields. Head through the long cave to reach the dwarven city of Karrakor. There is good loot here, especially if you kill the dwarven king and raid his treasure chamber.

If you are lacking in supplies, you might want to head back now and buy extras. This is essentially your last chance. You should have powerful magic rings, most spells, and at least 10 potions of each type (or 20 mana potions if you have the heal spell). If possible, double the number of potions. Sell all of your gems. You will have no need for either gems or gold beyond this point. Also, double-check that you have all four relics.

At the east side of Karrakor are the dwarven mines. There are several layers of mines, which eventually lead into a series of natural caverns. Watch out for the black slimes: if you hit them, they will creep along the floor and be immune to damage, only rise up again and attack when you turn your back to them.


Eventually, the caves will open up unto the summit of High Mountain. On the wall in front of you there is room for a sword. Place the sword of Saint Alarich the Darkslayer there, and a path will open. Repeat for the other three relics, and the gate to Celestia will open.

From where you enter Celestia, head west past the first house and into the second. Calesstra is being held here in a locked cell. You can also find the cathedral key here. Enter the cathedral. The cell key is in the west wing. Open the cell door and talk to Calesstra. It seems that she is still being held. Head back to the cathedral, and enter the courtyard just north of the entrance.

You must now fight the Celestial. Watch out: he is extremely powerful. Don't give him any opening.

The Fiery Pit

Once you have defeated the Celestial, the Creator casts you into the Fiery Pit. Oops! The fire elementals here are vulnerable to cold-based spells and little else. Enter the mountain at the south end. There is a black shadow here. Talk to him.

The Shadow explains a few things to you and asks you to kill the Creator. Agree to do so. You get to make three wishes. What you wish for is up to you, but consider the following. You will need both types of potions to fight the Creator, since you won't have time to heal yourself. Twenty of each potion type is enough, so there's no point in wishing for the same potion type twice. Wishing for a magic spell gets you the stream of death spell, which is undoubtedly the strongest spell in the game. The rings are also stronger than the other rings in the game, but by a lesser margin. The palace of the Creator is slippery, so wishing for boots of traction is not totally pointless.


Once you've made your wishes, you are teleported to the palace of the Creator. There are two fountains here: one restores life, the other restores mana. They may be useful if you run out of potions. The floor is slippery.

The Creator Himself is very powerful. He has two attacks: He can create warriors to fight you or He can launch a devastating lightning attack. The only way to damage Him is to attack Him while He is attacking. The only spells which affect Him are death spark and stream of death (spells #1 and #8). You can see when you've hit Him because He turns dark.

When fighting the Creator, always keep a potion ready. When you are low on life, use a healing potion and get ready with a mana potion. When you run out of mana, use a mana potion and get ready with a healing potion. Use the fountains only if you run out of potions. Attack as soon as you see the Creator preparing to attack. Dodge the lightning attacks and quickly clear out all Created warriors.

After about 50 hits, the Creator is defeated. He will drop a black globe. Use it to win the game.