A Dream of Burning Sand is a plot-driven exploration-based action-adventure platform game. Join Nina as she rides through the desert on a quest to defeat the Burning King. Features neat lighting effects, a dynamic soundtrack, and more secrets than you will ever find.

Feyna's Quest is a platform game with role-playing elements. Join Feyna, a young dark elven sorceress, on a quest across three worlds. Features an epic plot, a complete soundtrack, and over 40 types of monsters.

Zynx is a fun arcade-style game. Pop the dots to complete each level.

Lightslayer is a first person action/role-playing game. A dark elven sorceress is missing, and her apprentice - you - must track her down.

Wrath of Darkness is an older first person action/role-playing game, similar to Lightslayer but smaller and less sophisticated.

Here are three other games I have made that don't deserve individual sites:

Ghost of the Haunted Grove, Kanjiland, and Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old.